Micro Tweezer Tips

MEMS Precision Instruments

The tweezer tips are grouped according to their function, but this is somewhat arbitrary. A tip designed for digging may also be excellent for picking up blocks, spheres or cylinders. The groups are made small so that you won't have to wait long to get the images. An infinite number of variations in layout is possible, and thickness can range from 1 micron to 400 microns. MEMS PI will be happy to discuss making custom tweezer tips for your application. For inventory purposes, a finite number of designs will be kept in stock. The thicknesses stocked are 5, 10, 25, and 50 microns.
Single Crystal Silicon Tweezers
  1. 3 planes of contact
  2. tips with barbs
  3. tips that dig
  4. tips with gripping teeth
  5. tips for picking up blocks
  6. tips for gripping small beam cross sections
  7. simple straight tips
  8. tips for gripping gears
  9. long tips
  10. round tips
High Aspect Ratio Single Crystal
  1. High Aspect Ratio Single Crystal List-I
New Tips
  1. Big V-Tip
  2. V-Tip
  3. Straight Tip

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