MicroTweezers Movies II

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Here are some movies to demonstrate the Tweezers' perfomance and its characteristics. In order to view the movies, you have two options: RealVideo and MPEG. Click on the movie title to view the RealPlayer video. You need to have RealPlayer Video installed on your desk. If you don't have the application, you can download RealPlayer Basic (free of charge) directly from the RealPlayer site


Simple straight tip shown opening and closing. The width of the fine tips is 1 micron

Final Tweezers Tip

MicroTweezers Tips with 4 independent fingers for gripping arbitrary shapes and resisting moments that may cause unwanted rotations. Here is shown the gripping and transverse sliding of a long tungsten needle (Cone shape)
Tweezers pick up a needle shape object

In this movie a piece of gold wire, 100 microns in diameter, is picked and placed. Notice that the 4-finger tip can grip the wire at its end and still hold it horizontal. It is not necessary to grip at the center of gravity to avoid rotation.
Tweezers Pick up Gold Wire ===========================================================================================

Micro Tweezers with 4-finger Tips picks up and places a Block as could be done in
Robotic MICRO ASSEMBLY Procedures.

Movies demostrate MicroTweezers picking up a 1 mm wide block and a 0.5 mm wide block. Notice that it is not necessary to grip an object at the center of gravity. You can tell when the block is lifted from the surface because it tilts slightly (the plane of the tweezers was not adjusted to be exactly parallel to the plane of the wafer) so the light is reflected off the optical axis of the microscope. Then, when the block is placed back on the wafer it becomes optically aligned and bright again. The 2 mm WIde Block was sits below Tweezers, It was lifted by Tweezers from two edge and placed it down, Tweezers is closed and appearing above on the Block.
Tweezers pick up 1-mm block Tweezers pick up 0.5-mm block Tweezers pick up 2-mm block

Micro Force Gage has been using on a number of reaserch projects at Various Universities. University of California at Berkeley has been successfully getting Force Measurement results by using Micro Force Gage. URL link provides the movies which show the details of Force Gage processing on reasearch projects.
"Force Measurement Videos" =========================================================================================== Many more Movies will come very soon