Micro Fork V4.6

MEMS Precision Instruments

Welcome request New Design for specific applications.

This Micro Fork has two tines for holding the specimen (in this case the specimen is embedded in a block of aerogel). The tines have barbs at the tip to keep the specimen from getting away. The Fork Tip can be made in any desired shape and size as needed for your particular application. The base of the Fork is bonded by melted glass to a silicon bar. The silicon bar fits inside the 0.5 mm ID of a 1.0 mm OD pyrex capillary tube for this Tip. The end of the capillary tube has been shrunk down (in a flame) just enough to permanently clamp the silicon bar. The aerogel shown is from the Stardust spacecraft, and contains particles captured during the flyby of comet Wild 2. (This photo was taken at the NASA particle curation lab at Johnson Space Center, Houston, by Christopher Snead)

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