MicroTweezers Installation

The MicroTweezers can be handled easily for all kinds of manipulation to produce an expected result. Of course MicroTweezers could be a part of the Robat system, automatical does operations such as micro assemply processing. Also MicroTweezers can be installed on a manual or computer controlled micropositioner, in combination with a microscope that provides the magnification needed to see the objects

Procedures DEMO as follows:
MicroTweezers Delivery/Storage Box
MicroTweezers released inside of the Box
Getting MicroTweezers out of the Box
How to hold MicroTweezers
Elegant Tweezers
To Mount Tweezers Step 1
To Mount Tweezers Step 2
View MicroTweezers, Handle, Mounting Arm
View Mounting Arm, Controller Cabel
To Mount Tweezers Step 3
Tweezers on the Station 1
Tweezers on the Station 2
Electrical Requirements
basic tweezer unit
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